What if retail stores worked like websites?

Your users deserve better. Pilotfish is an open-source project aimed at developers who are creating a better web experience. Developers know that user experience determines user loyalty. Analytics can only report the problem after it has occurred, often after the user has already moved on to another site. Imagine being able to plug in all the basics you need to meet your user-experience goals.

Pilotfish routinizes the boring stuff so you can focus on what matters.

Pilotfish's javascript toolkit provides user-experience plugins and widgets, coupled with an api and a web interface for data analysis and configuration. The goal is to help developers optimize the user’s experience, and make it easy to do so.

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Happier Users

Software should be intuitive, easy, and fun to use. With Pilotfish, you will be able to provide better experiences without starting from scratch

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Common platform

Pilotfish is a good experience for developers too. It's easy to get up and running: include the javascript, select your plugins, and deploy.

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Open Source

Pilotfish is just getting started. Check out the source code to see current progress. If you are interested in contributing, get in touch via Github or LinkedIn

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