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All of the amazing talented people in your organisation are constantly getting better and improving, but we all face challenges that get in our way and hold us back. Through psychotherapy, Pilotfish can remove the obstacles that stop your remote team from reaching their full potential.
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We interview leaders from some of the world's most exciting remote companies on mental resilience, team performance, and how to deal with the challenges of managing a decentralised workforce.
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The Glassbox podcast
We discuss how to deal with the challenges faced by remote workers, such as health, mental health, loneliness and feelings of not belonging. You'll hear interviews with leaders of some of the world's leading remote companies, plus expert insights from highly experienced psychotherapist David Downes.
Joseph Pack
Joseph is an ex-startup founder & agency owner from the UK, who after suffering 5 stress-related seizures decided that the life he was living would end up leaving him with deep regrets. So with the help of his therapist David, he sold his company and decided to become a Nomad.

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David Downes
In David's early career he served in the Royal Navy – submarines (intelligence/communications). Upon leaving he founded a new innovative IT start-up, leading to the employment of 115 colleagues located in 6 locations before its eventual sale in the late 90's. After 3 major career changes, David finally retrained as a Psychotherapist, which in 2017 would lead him to Joe.

Sam Applebee
Sam is a social entrepreneur, advisor and consultant helping organisations save the world with technology. He suffered an occupational burnout while travelling non-stop building his second business. After an article he wrote about the experience was read 30k+ times, enough was enough.

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Passion and determination ensure that our practitioners remain at the leading edge of their profession. Our experienced occupational psychotherapists have been professionally trained, and today actively work in line with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), British Associate for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP), EMDR Association UK and Ireland. Whilst receiving regular clinical supervision to ensure the highest quality of service is maintained.
I've never experienced a therapist like David, with him I had more of a feeling that I was in control of my own recovery. It felt far more positive and as if I was actually achieving something.
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